The peoples of Vall de Boí still feel their hearts beat fast when they go down the mountain with alighted “falles” on their shoulders or when they see the Pila of Taüll raise up towards the four directions. That is why some of the traditions of the valley have been kept alive and some others have been recovered. More than one century of isolation, the migration it suffered during the seventies and the gradual ageing of its population made the valley temporarily lose some of its traditions, but the energy of its peoples and their strong roots in the valley have brought them to life again with the same power and magic.
Traditions can only survive if, year after year, they are carried out by the peoples of the land as something that belongs to them and not merely as a thing of the past. The details of each feast, of each celebration, cannot be learnt in the books but rather at the main square of each of the villages of the valley. It is there that the young ones learn from their elders, taking pride in feeling part of this territory.

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