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Nature, peace, freedom, landscape, health ... this is trail running.

What is the trail running?

Running or run is the fastest growing sport of participants in recent years in all possible variants, and the "trail running" (or mountain races) is undoubtedly the queen specialty. Either plain with few kilometers or unimaginable distances and very hilly, mountain races are the essence of the sport.

Nature, tranquility, freedom, landscape, health ... this is trail running.

What is a trail running center?

A trail running center is 100% dedicated to trail running and offers not only a marked and well-maintained paths but also a whole range of complementary services. It meets the needs of the beginner in the sport and the expert who wants to improve their performance and looking for a place to train or organize training sessions.

Why in Boi Valley?

Because la Vall de Boi is now a reference area in the organization of mountain sports championships, with the organization of different tests championships and especially the organization of the last "Sky Games" World Championships sky running, which have been a success both organization and participation.

Trail Running Center Vall de Boí will be located in a region that wants to discover the best of its landscapes and routes. Be a day, a weekend or a week, either alone, with peers or family, the center welcomes all those sports practitioners seeking a unique environment.

The Boi Valley has an extensive network of marked trails with different levels of difficulty and a high mountain environment ideal for altitude training with courses that range from 1000m to the 3000m peaks more high.

What it is Vall de Boí Trail Running Center?

It is a center for the practice of trail running, with different routes marked and color-coded (green, blue, red, black) that correspond to the level of difficulty (distance and cumulative altitude) in an ideal environment, with all services, reception and information service.

All tours are designed for different levels, with distances of 5-40 km. It also features an area called "Advanced Trail" for advanced training techniques and tough climbs, areas for interval training, vertical kilometer (+ 1,350 m of positive difference accumulated 4.4 km long), etc.

All the trails are in very good condition and well marked. It is avoided, as far as possible, stepping on asphalt. Departures and arrivals of the routes are in the different villages, to provide service before and after the tour.

Each tour will have its own identification code (number or color), which will be marked in different points of the journey to enjoy it without loss.

There are marked 5 Training Trail, 5 Mountain Bike trails and 3 road cycling. 

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