Around la Feixa

Centre Trail-Trail
1 h 30 m – 2 h 30 m
Cumulative ascent
800 m
Cumulative descent
800 m

A circular route that, from Taüll, runs around the mountain with the rock known as Roca de la Feixa at its top. In the first stretch of the route, in constant ascent, it rises above 500 m, advancing through roads and livestock meadows. The culminating point is found in the dividing line of the mountain of Taüll an Durro, next to the place known Joc de la Pilota. From there, with splendid views the descent begins, following a livestock trail that leads to the locality of Durro. From Durro to Boí the road of the Pago is followed. The arrival in Taüll is in ascent, following the traditional road and a small stretch of road by which we again arrive at the starting point of the route.

Until late spring there is usually snow on the route.
Caution in the arrival alt Joc de la Pilota, as there is no road.
Pay careful attention in the stretch of road at the end of the route.