Cara Amón

1 h – 2 h
Cumulative ascent
1360 m
Cumulative descent
6 m

The route begins next to the Boneta Capsite in Barruera, from where it rosses the calle Mayor of Barruera to take a very steep footpath that continuously crosses the forest trail that climbs up to the Romanesque hermitage of Sant Salvador. Near the temple, around the 1.575 m level, it leaves the road to directly undertake the ascent through a grassy canal where gradients of up to 50% are reached. After passing through the canal, the itinerary goes toward the edge of the mountain through which it progresses to reach, though a last stretch of rocky terrain, the peak of Les Roies de Cardet (2.4444 m). the descent is carried out by following the same itinerary.

Caution, high mountain route, and very demanding physically and technically. Do not undertake it in winter or with bad weather.
In late May the itinerary is used for the vertical mountain race called “Cara Amón”.