Joc de la Pilota

Centre Trail-BTT
Entre 2 h i 2 h 30 m
Cumulative ascent
725 m
Cumulative descent
725 m
Altitude at start
1394 m
Altitude at finish
1394 m

The route begins at the entrance to Durro. In its first stretch, it gains height until reaching a trail crossing that we find at 4.3 km from the start. There, we leave the trail that will be used in the descent, to continue climbing the livestock valley of the mountain of Durro. After crossing the Ginebrell ravine, we ascend to the dividing line of the mountain of Durro and Taüll. On this stretch, and with privileged views, the route give us a break, travelling over the crest, rising and falling gently. After passing the Joc de la Pilota, begins the descent, folowing a steep trail that, with sharp curves, connects again with the itinerary used in the ascent.

Until very late spring, there is usually snow on the route

The trail is usually poor condition

Caution in descending the steep slopes

From the Joc de la Pilota, it is possible to combine with the route number 5 ATB Boí-Taüll