The paintings of the Romanesque Church of Sant Climent (declared World Heritage site by UNESCO), one of the gems of the Catalan Romanesque, are presented through an innovative mapping projection that recreates the original frescoes on the main apse and the presbytery of the central nave. The original painting dates from the 12th century and is currently kept at the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC) in Barcelona.

Since the 1960’s, a copy of the original was kept in the church. It was painted on plaster and was gradually getting corroded. After removing the old copy, a meticulous restoration was carried out, uncovering the remains of the original painting that had been preserved in the deep layers of the apse’s walls.

The purpose of this mapping is to virtually and digitally restore the original paintings to their place of origin, the church of Sant Climent, and also to offer a complete image of what the original painting was like in 1123. The audio-visual projection helps visitors understand the painting technique of the Romanesque frescoes and also to discover the different iconographic representations that are included in a mural heavily loaded with artistic and religious meaning.

This projection can be seen every day of the year except January 1, December 25 

Timetable: 10.15,11.00,11.45am 12.30,13.30 / 16.15,17.00,17.45 & 18.30pm

(July & august 19.00 & 19.30pm)