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The Dog Friendly Boí Valley

The Dog Friendly Boí Valley

A pet-friendly destination

The Boí Valley is a nature-loving, sustainable, and pet-friendly destination. It's an ideal place to travel with your furry companion and enjoy the natural beauty that makes this small valley a perfect spot for everyone. From Aigüestortes National Park to over 60 km of traditional paths, you can explore hundreds of trails on foot with your dog, leading you from village to village.

Moreover, local businesses strive to cater to new markets and embrace the Dog Friendly philosophy.

Many of the establishments in the Boí Valley welcome all visitors accompanied by their dogs, offering facilities for a pleasant stay.

Tips for making your visit as enjoyable as possible

1. At the tourist office

If you need information and visit the Tourist Office, your pet can also come along.

2. In Aigüestortes National Park

You can enter with your dog, but it must be on a leash throughout the visit. Remember that the park is home to other animals living in their natural habitat, and some animal and plant species may be harmful to your dog. Please take care of them!

Please, respect rivers, gorges, and ponds. Swimming, water activities, or any other activity that may disturb or contaminate the waters are not allowed.

3. Taxi service to the National Park

The taxi service has been adapted so that you can access the park with your dog at a fixed price.

4. Traditional paths and village visits

Keep your dog leashed at all times. The Boí Valley still has active livestock and grazing animals accustomed to roaming freely.

An unleashed dog may startle the herd and the dog guarding them.

5. Visit to Romanesque churches

Unless it is a guide dog, entry to the churches with your dog is not allowed

6. Restaurants

You'll find restaurants in the valley that allow dogs inside or on their terraces for lunch or dinner.


7. Hotels

The accommodations in the Boí Valley are adapted so you can share your trip with your pet.


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