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Boí Taüll in Summer

Boí Taüll in Summer

Enjoy with your family and friends!

Enjoy with your family the mountains and activities offered by the Boí Taüll ski resort, the highest resort in the Pyrenees at a minimum altitude of 2,020 meters, which transforms its landscape to provide you with a great discovery.

E.Bike routes, hiking trails, and a scavenger hunt. All prepared for you to enjoy with family and friends!

With catering service at the Font de Ginebrell terrace. 

Open from July 15th until Sunday, September 3rd. 

From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Guided E-Bike Routes

Discover the family-friendly Vall de Boí with guided e-bike routes from Boí Taüll. With options for all levels of physical fitness.

Professional guides will accompany you, providing information about the area and ensuring your safety at all times while exploring the scenic paths and forests that surround the ski resort in the summer. 

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Phone: 636 632 638 

Discover the Hiking Trails offered by Boí Taüll

Boí Taüll resort is located right in the heart of the High Pyrenees, allowing you to enjoy unique and exceptional landscapes of the Pyrenees, where you can go hiking with your family, with trails ranging from low to high difficulty levels.

Enjoy these spectacular landscapes with your family and friends.

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The New Legend of Pyrene

A digital treasure hunt with 11 checkpoints

A fun activity to learn, connect with the environment, culture, and heritage of the valley, all while engaging in a healthy physical activity and enjoying the mountains. It is suitable for everyone: families, sports enthusiasts, orienteers, hikers...

Simply solve the riddles by following the checkpoints, passing through Cap de Vaques (Coll de Bassetes) to La Calina, and enjoying spectacular perspectives of the landscape of the Vall de Boí. 

Distance: 5.1 km 
Time: 2 h 30 min 
Elevation gain: 344 m

The New Legend of Pyrene

Terrace Bar Solarium Font Ginebrell

Located at an altitude of 2,035 meters, offering sandwich and beverage services, both cold and hot. 

Phone: 973 297 085