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Vall de Boí from above

Want to see Vall de Boí from above? Identify the streets, squares, churches, lakes? You can go paragliding accompanied by an instructor on a two-seater paraglider.

Recognize the bell towers of the World Heritage Romanesque churches, the small villages scattered among forests, meadows and paths, the mountains, rivers...

Fly in La Vall de Boí, where the Pyrenees touch the sky.

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What is paragliding?

Paragliding is a simple way to fly; the closest one can get to flying like a bird. Like birds, you feel the air on your face while you fly. We make the most of air currents in order to travel and, up above the clouds, the feeling of freedom is unsurpassable.


Vall de Boí Parapent Tel. 651 644 135