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Climbing and "via ferrata"

Climbing and "via ferrata"

Vall de Boi is a special place for climbing

Outdoor Park Vall de Boí


Vall de Boi is a special place for climbing

In the area surrounding Cavallers Dam there are numerous climbing routes with different degrees of difficulty, ranging from 10 to 1,000 meters of climbing on magnificent granite. Climbing routes can also be found in the proximity of the refuge Ventosa and Calvell and the Spires of Travessany and Mangades. There is also a number of appealing and difficult routes above 2,500 metres. It is an extraordinary terrain both for sport and traditional climbing.

Usually all routes are equipped or partially equipped with appropriate devices and bolts.

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"Via Ferrata" Roca de Carrera in Barruera

Via Ferrada is a sporting activity level K4. The "via ferrata" runs diagonally upwards to the left, interspersed with vertical walls with aerial ledges and crosses a small waterfall. The end of the route is crowned by an erratic block, from ancient glaciations.

  • Elevation: 85 meters
  • Approach: 15 minuts
  • Duration: 1h 15min
  • Descent: 20 minuts
  • Distance: 220 meters
  • Orientation: south

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