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The purity of hot springs at 1500 metres high

The purity of hot springs at 1500 metres high

In the Guinness Book

The baths of Caldes de Boí are in the Guinness Book of Records for having the widest range of hot springs in the state.

The Baths of Caldes de Boí are located at an altitude of 1,500 meters. More than thirty-seven mineral and medicial springs of various compositions and temperatures ranging from 56º to 4º are scattered along a vast area of gardens. This allows us to offer a wide range of treatments, with more than 2,000 daily techniques for both children and adults, as varied and diverse as: treatments for rheumatic, respiratory, neurological and dermatological conditions, among others.

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The reference to the therapeutic effects of the springs date back to as early as the Roman era, and the first studies that granted the baths scientific grounds were performed in the late 18th century.

Balneari de Caldes de Boí

Pleasure, health and beauty, the selection of thermalism and wellness

Located at an unbeatable setting, at Vall de Boí you can find from one of the most important spas in Catalonia, with a wide range of therapeutic services based upon the 37 sources of miner-medicinal waters varying in composition and temperature, to one of the most state-of-the-art spas featuring 1.200 m² of unique facilities that combine the latest in thermalism with the most comprehensive treatments.

Caldes de Boí Spa

Caldes de Boí thermal and mountain resort covers 24 hectares and is located at the headwater basin of Vall de Boí. In addition to the healing and relaxing powers of its waters, it boasts a landscape of magnificent beauty. The spa uses thirty-seven natural springs of mineral and medicinal waters ranging from 4 C up to 56 C, which were declared of public interest on December 20th, 1887. The resort includes thermal facilities, two hotels and an extensive area of gardens with open air and indoor pools of cold and thermal waters, as well as many amusements and amenities.

Balneari Caldes de Boí

Spa Siente Boí

Spa Siente Boí features more than 1.200m² of facilities offering a wide and carefully selected range of wellness services, combining the latest materials with the most comprehensive treatments. It presents a state-of-the-art water zone, 13 rooms for personalized color therapy treatments, a vaporarium and a beauty center.

Spa Siente Boí

Hydrotherapy and much more

Come visit us and experience old legends, ancient traditions and our ancestors’ way of life, while surrounded by a natural and cultural heritage of great value.

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