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Cavallers area

Where nature shows its wildest yet most captivating side

The two areas that take you into the national park within Vall de Boí are Aigüestortes and Cavallers. Cavallers constitutes the most marked high mountain area, with a steep and rocky landscape where the trails pass along granite rocks.

This is where nature shows its wildest yet most captivating side. It is a paradise for rock and ice climbers since it offers a good number of routes with varying levels of difficulty. This is also the area where the peaks higher than 3000 meters are located.

It is the valley of the three thousand, where the Pyrenees touch the sky!

How to get there?

Take the L-500 road, direction Caldes de Boí. Once past Caldes de Boí, you enter a narrower road, almost 4 km paved, where you have to be careful. You can reach the car parks just below the Cavallers dam. Remember that there is a restriction of passage, for vehicles over 2 meters wide, from the outdoor car park next to Caldes de Boí. That is, vehicles longer than 2 meters must park in this parking lot.

From this point, if you want to go up on foot, you have a path marked by the left bank of the river, which will take you to the dam (1 hour) and if you do it by bike, you must follow the road where the cars drive. You can also request the Vall de Boí taxi service.