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If you come by motorhome...

If you come by motorhome...

Overnight areas and service area

If you visit the Vall de Boí by motorhome you will find one overnight area and a service area:

Overnight areas:

In Pla de l'Ermita: located right at the entrance to Pla de l'Ermita, a large esplanade with very good views over the valley.
Places: 30

Zona de serveis:

In Barruera: Vall de Boí also has a day parking area and a service area in Barruera, located on the river promenade, next to the football field. This space has an area for emptying and collecting water (not operational in the winter months).
Places: 30


In no case can you spend the night outside the specific car parks, nor the free camping activity, in tents, caravans, motorhomes, vans or others and which takes place within the municipality. These behaviors pose a serious risk to the territorial and environmental resources of the Vall de Boí and can also lead to public health problems for the municipality.

Take care and protect the environment

In the Vall de Boí we have the privilege of enjoying an exuberant nature and a rich cultural heritage, we take care of it and protect it so that we can continue to enjoy it! It is fragile!

Further information

1.- Free camping is considered any type of unauthorized overnight stay that is carried out through tents, caravans, motorhomes, vans or cars or any other equivalent easily removable and / or transportable mobile element, such as camping bags. , mattresses, towels, fabrics, etc .., including the use of any type of public furniture.

2.- Overnight stay is understood to be the one that takes place in the existing establishments legally established for this purpose and in the car parks that we recommend. The deployment of tables, chairs, forwards, or other objects that exceed the surface of the vehicle is not permitted.

3.- In the recommended car parks it will not be possible to spend the night more than 5 consecutive nights, and the emptying of the fecal waters outside the specifically enabled areas is not allowed.

4.- In the recommended car parks, the vertical and horizontal signage must always be respected. Civility must be maintained in order to maintain coexistence between vehicles and people: do not make loud noises, respect the distances between parked vehicles, deposit waste in the containers provided. etc..

5.- The City Council of Vall de Boi in use of its powers conferred by the Law of Bases of Local Regime and the ordinance of traffic and car parks, has the power to inspect and sanction with respect to those who practice free camping in its municipal term.