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Starlight Destination

Starlight Destination

Tourist Destination and Starlight Reserve (UNESCO)

Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici Lake National Park is one of the best-preserved protected natural areas in southern Europe. In addition to its natural and cultural attractions, there are exceptional conditions for the practice of astronomy.

Here there are still villages scattered and hidden between mountains, as is the case of the 10 villages in the Park, including Vall de Boí, where we can enjoy the experience of a very black sky, where the stars are infinite. These regions must be preserved as a Tourist Destination and Starlight Reserve (UNESCO).

Spectacular mountain night skies

Come and discover one of the most spectacular mountain night skies in the Pyrenees for astronomy, both in the National Park and in one of the viewpoints in the valley, you can enjoy this great experience. We recommend the viewpoint of Sant Quirc de Durro where you will find a small astronomical table-viewpoint with the interpretation of the night sky, so you can know which stars you are seeing.


  • Do not dirty the mountain and take your garbage down to the village.
  • Follow the marked routes is a guarantee for your safety.
  • The nights are cold, remember to wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes.
  • Preferably use a red light flashlight. Turn it off when not needed.
  • Use binoculars or other devices to enhance astronomical observation.
  • Respect the quiet and avoid making noises.