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Pump Track and Skatepark

Pump Track and Skatepark

Fun and Sports in Vall de Boí

In Vall de Boí, adventure and sports await around every corner. The Pump Track and Skatepark in Barruera are two open-air sports spaces that are part of the Outdoor Park Vall de Boí, offering excitement and challenges for sports and fun enthusiasts.

Both spaces seamlessly integrate within our Outdoor Park and are located in Barruera, next to the river.

So, put on your helmet, grab your bike or scooter, and come experience the fun and excitement at the Pump Track and Skatepark.

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Pump Track

The Pump Track is a closed circuit that combines curves, jumps, and descents, designed for cyclists to navigate without pedalling. Your skill and balance will be put to the test as you turn and accelerate with your bike or scooter.


For fans of tricks and stunts, Barruera's Skatepark is the perfect spot. With its ramps, it's the ideal stage to showcase your skills and have a great time with friends and family.