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An ideal area for fishing enthusiasts

Outdoor Park Vall de Boí


Vall de Boí is an ideal area for fishing enthusiasts, with two different fishing preserves. One of them is the high mountain area that includes the head of the valley and the high mountain lakes (always outside the boundaries of the National Park). The other area is the intensive preserve that goes from Barruera to Erill la Vall, a flatter area where trouts are reintroduced weekly. In the valley, you will be able to find fishing guides who will teach you or help you with the different fishing techniques.

Opening "Coto intensiu" (Barruera) 

  • From 1st April to 15th october.

Opening "Coto Alta Muntanya"

  • Catch - from 14/05 to 28/08.
  • Catch and release - from 14/05 to 15/10.

Que necessites per pescar a 

la Vall de Boí:


  1. La llicència catalana de pesca vigent. La pots fer a Llicència de pesca o a qualsevol de les oficines de DACC.
  2. El permís diari per al coto. Aquest el pots fer a Permis de pesca o a diferents establiments de Barruera. 

Per fer aquests tràmits també et podem ajudar a l'Oficina de Turisme de Barruera (excepte llicències de menors d'edat).