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Canyoning is an aquatic activity that combines different techniques to descend canyons.

Within the valley itself there are two equipped canyons you can descend: Durro and La Sallent. In addition, the valley can be the starting point to get to other nearby canyons such as Viu de Llevata or Erta. Canyoneering is an aquatic activity that combines different travel techniques in canyons (ropeless travel in water, jumps, slides, travel techniques with rope and so forth), with a short approach on foot and then a walk back to the starting point. It allows you to discover the inner life of canyons by following the flow of the water, the fauna, the flora and the geological formations that the water has been sculpting for millions of years on the walls of the gorges (pools, rock chaos, etc.).

The guide agencies will advise you on the various technical, physical and schedule possibilities to suit your interests and requirements. It is an ideal activity for children since it combines pedagogy with having fun in a diverse environment.

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Canyoning and Rafting activities

Aquatic activity that combines different techniques