A special place to feel

the force of nature in its pure state

Mountain biking, 3.000 meters summits, skiing in the highest ski resort in the Pyrenees, running in specatcular mountains, ... If you are one of those who are looking for the feeling of freedom and discharge adrenaline, in Vall de Boí you will get it! A place prepared for the practice of these sports and to enjoy competition at the highest level.


Hard High Mountain Routes

In Vall de Boí you will find different possibilities for mountain biking, from flat routes along the river, through forest paths to hard high mountain routes in alpine meadows and black pine forest.

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Pyrenean cyclist route that goes by safely and hardly any traffic routes. Height, landscape and demand are the base of this route. La Vall de Boí offers a lot of ascents like to Cavallers and the ski station of Boí Taüll. High Mountain, Romanesque and the Aigüestortes National Park, will be your partner.


Nature, peace, freedom, landscape, health ... this is trail running.



Trail Running Center

Trail Running Center Vall de Boí is located in a region that wants to discover the best of its landscapes and routes. Be a day, a weekend or a week, either alone, with peers or family, the center welcomes all those sports practitioners seeking a unique environment.

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Ascents of the peaks

Contemplate the world above 3000 meters.

Vall de Boí is surrounded by important massifs that exceed 3000 meters in altitude, and some others that are higher than 2800m. The highest mountains are located on either side of the reservoir of Cavallers (Comaloforno and Bessiberri, on one side, and the Punta Alta, on the other).

The normal ascents of these peaks imply a slope difference of more than 1200 meters and therefore require a good physical condition and a certain degree of technical preparation.

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Old, young, novels and pro's

Boí-Taüll is a place that will allow you to experience a deep relationship with nature. In addition to not being crowded, present in other valleys, the tranquility and respect for the environment are the protagonists. A resort both for those who prefer to ski alone and for those who prefer to ski with the family.

Skiing at Boí Taüll Ski Resort

Freeride and Snow Park

Boí Taüll offers a great deal for freeride, freestyle and snowboard lovers.

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Vall de Boi is a special place for climbing.

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Canyoning is an aquatic activity that combines different techniques to descend canyons.

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Paragliding is an easy way to fly, the most similar you can get to a bird’s flight.

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Races and competitions

Vall de Boí is an ideal place to practice sports, so for this reason, every year there are different races and competitions that cross the most emblematic places of the valley.

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