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Charming village

Charming village

Eight small villages with a special charm

There are eight small villages in Vall de Boí all of them with a special charm. These are small mountain villages with cobbled streets, stone houses, wood and slate roofs, constructive elements of our closest environment. The cobbled, narrow and some steep streets are filled with flowers in spring and summer, and snow in winter, delighting the children.

The charm of our villages begins with them architectural attractive, they have preserved the medieval typology, with authentic old quarters, which safeguard the original essence with decorative elements and typically local designs. But in addition, they preserve the natural environment that surrounds them, both in bottom of the valley with meadows surrounding the river, and the higher villages that become excellent viewpoints of the surrounding landscape.

Except for Barruera, which is located on the right bank of the river Noguera de Tor, all the villages in Vall de Boí are built on natural terraces on the slope of the mountain.

In the past the typology of the buildings was based on a construction that lodged in the ground floor the stable for the animals and the grass and straw, and from an “era” (courtyard) it was acceded to the familiar home of two or more floors, the last one was dedicated to storage and was a real climate cushion to protect yourself from bad weather. Today they are still preserved and many of the houses that have been adapted to rural tourist homes have retained the original structure.

Pyrenean and high mountain rural spirit

All these charming villages in Vall de Boí maintain the Pyrenean and high mountain rural spirit but have been able to adapt to the new times while maintaining their authenticity. Stones, houses, streets, churches ... hide a history and a way of life, ours and that of the Pyrenean rural villages.