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If you are a nature lover and looking to feel connect, Vall de Boí is waiting for you! 

The high mountain landscape of the Valley and the beautiful scenery of Aigüestortes and Estany de San Maurici National Park hide a great wealth of animals and plants. The water, with almost 200 lakes and lot of streams, is also with deer and chamois the most representative of the National Park.

Commandments of a good Ecoturist

1 - Well know the natural environment
Find out beforehand about natural attractions, restrictions, itineraries...

2 - Equip yourself well
Wears good shoes, comfortable clothes and discreet colors. Binoculars, a map, a GPS and filed guide can all be very useful

3 - Don't go alone!
A guide will help you to enjoy and have a comfortable and safe experience.

4 - Be respective
Respect the regulations of the natural space, do not disturb the wildlife or bring flowers or rocks. Silence.

5 - Consume local products
Find local products.

6 - Choose certified companies
Book accomodation with an Environmental Quality Label or certified as the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

7 - Travel without leaving your mark
Use public transportation or shared it, whenever you can.

8 - Visit the information centers
Many protected natural areas have visitor centers that will inform you abaout activities, guides and itineraries.

9 - Take away your litter

10 - Help to conserve the natural space
Ask for guides or visitor centers about projects that help to conserve the natural space.


At Nature

In any space or natural landscape of interest. Landscapes and ecosystems of great beauty and natural interest.

In protected areas

In places protected by the Administration, such as Natural Parks. They have infrastructures (itineraries, viewpoints ...) and optimum services for ecotourism.

Aigüestortes, as stunning as a national park can be

Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park is one of the fifteen national parks in the Spanish State, and the only one within Catalonia. Located at the heart of the Pyrenees, it constitutes an excellent sample of the main ecosystems to be found in the Catalan high mountain areas.

Discover it

A Nature Guide

A guide can help you understand the true meaning of the natural space you visit, trying to transmit its essence and connect with it.

In addition, in the protected areas of Catalonia you will find equipment, devices and materials that will help you complete the experience. In the visitor centers, interpretation centers and eco-museums you will be provided with everything you need, and the itineraries and interpretative signs will also be very useful.