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Sant Quirc de Durro

How to get there

The hermitage is located at 1,5 km far from the village of Durro, Narrow paved trail, Easy and comfortable trail to go for a walk.

The church is closed to the public.

More info

The Sant Quirc Hermitage is in a privileged location on the Durro mountain at a height of 1,500 metres. Its setting is not by chance, however, but is a territorial marker, connected to the social area used by the community and to the pagan tradition of “correr las fallas”, when the local people descend the mountain at night by the light of flaming torches.

This small building is from the 12th century with Baroque additions.

Inside there is harmony between its different artistic styles, with a copy of the Romanesque altar frontal, the Gothic style image of San Quirc and Santa Julita and the Baroque altarpiece.