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BTT Els Planos

85 m
Cumulative ascent
85 m
Cumulative descent
-85 m
Altitude at start
1090 m
Altitude at finish
1090 m

A journey with practically no slopes, recommended for families, wich runs through the Planos de Barruera/Erill an Salencar de Barruera. It runs constantly through the area near the Noguera de Tor River: the first stretch travels thourh the right bank of the river, making a journey to and from Los Planos; and the second stretch, through the left bank, with a circular route by el Salencar. The route begins next to Boneta Campsite and the Palanca Vella in Barruera taking the road to Erill la Vall. This stretch runs on a level path through Los Planos de Barruera and Erill, combining stretches of road and trail. We finally reach the most difficult strech of the route, wich consists of climbing a 30m slope, following the bridle path to Erill. Without reaching Erill, al the old road tunnel, the route turns back to arrive again at Palanca Vella. From there, the seconfd part of the route starts, crossing the palanca to visit el Salencar. Crossing the suspension bridge, we arrive again to Barruera.


Caution in crossing of the "Palancas" over the river and stretches of pedestrian road