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Circular route through the Romanesque 2 (Barruera-Cardet-Pont de Saraís-Cóll-Pont de Saraís-Barruera)

Cumulative ascent
636 m
Cumulative descent
616 m
Altitude at start
1097 m
Altitude at finish
1097 m

We leave Barruera (1,097 m), from the Tourist Office to the church of Sant Feliu (next to the river) and go along the promenade on the right bank of the river in the S direction, following the paved track in order to cross the L-500 highway. Then we take the path that, flanking the slope of the mountain, takes us directly under the church of Santa Maria de Cardet (1,197 m). If we follow the path skirting the village to the S, we descend through trees again to the L-500 road, at the height of the Cardet dam (1,088 m) to continue towards the Pont de Saraís, we cross the bridge hanging over the Walnut of Tor. We continue parallel to the river to Ca d'Arnalló, to the Pont de Saraís (1,006 m), at this point we will have to cross the L-500 road and take the path that flanks the mountain slope, first in a N direction to , then turn south until you reach the Church of the Assumption. We skirt the church and continue along the last stretch of road to the town of Cóll (1,170 m). We will undo the path to return to the Pont de Saraís and return to Barruera along the Camí de l’Aigua along the course of the river Noguera de Tor.


Level of difficulty according to Sendif method: Moderate