Nature, peace, freedom, landscape, health... this is trail running.

Trails marked:

Route of "4 pobles": an estimated length of 11.3 km and a vertical drop of 600m positive and negative, this circular route leaves and arrives Boi, linking the villages of Boi, Durro, Barruera, Erill following the traditional ways of the valley. SEE MAP

Ruta Trail 4 pobles
Ruta dels 4 pobles (TrackGPX)

Route "Ginebrell": an estimated length of 11,2km and a height of 1107m positive and negative, this circular route is developed around the ski resort Boi Taüll ascending and journeying to the line of peaks and bolted to form the ski resort, as Pica Cervi de Durro, Port d'Erta, Tuc de Montanyó and Cap de les raspes Roies. This route goes between 2000 and 2750 meters. SEE MAP

Ruta Trail Ginebrell
Volta a Ginebrell (TrackGPX)

Route "Volta a la Feixa": an estimated length of 15,1km and a height of about 1000m positive and negative, this route makes a circular route skirts the mountains of La Roca de la Feixa o Pinar. Leaving Taüll rises to the neck of Joc de la Pilota, down to Durro, continue to Boi by Pago Path and get back to Taüll by the traditional way. SEE MAP

Ruta Trail Volta a la Feixa
Volta a la Feixa (TrackGPX)

Romanesque Route: an estimated length of 27,2km and positive and negative elevation of 1893 m, the route also carries a circular route linking all the towns in Vall de Boi and going on all the Romanesque churches and hermitages declared World Heritage UNESCO. From Barruera fused together consecutively Erill la Vall, Boí, Taüll, Boí, Durro, Saraís, Coll, Cardet and again Barruera. SEE MAP

Ruta Trail Ruta del Romànic
Ruta del romànic(TrackGPX)

Cara Amon: linear route uphill vertical climbs from the town of Barruera until Roies Cardet peak (2445 m). With a length of 1364 meters and 4,4km ascent follows the original route of the prestigious race of Cara Amon. SEE MAP

Ruta Trail Cara Amon
Cara Amon (TrackGPX)

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Nature, peace, freedom, landscape, health ... this is trail running.

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