The top of Vall de Boí

Catalan Romanesque at its best

The Romanesque heritage of Vall de Boí is exceptional due to the existence of a large number of churches of the same architectural style concentrated in such a small area. Until well into the last century the valley remained quite isolated.

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Romànic Patrimoni de la UNESCO

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The paintings of the Romanesque Church of Sant Climent 

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The only national park in Catalonia

Peaks of more than three thousand meters height; rivers, ravines, water falls and marshes which make us truly feel in the land of water; more than 200 mountain lakes varying in shape and color; and a great diversity of animal and vegetal species that struggle to survive in a harsh environment, all of which give life to this protected natural space, unique in the South of Europe.

Estany Llong


Vall de Boí’s cuisine is a mountain cuisine based on the natural ingredients available locally and prepared according to ancient traditions. Above all, it is a seasonal cuisine. Mushrooms are very important in our dishes, as are organic beef and lamb from animals reared in our region.

Organic Beef Restaurants

The Falles

This is a traditionalist valley with numerous ancestral customs.

In the rural world, festivals are closely linked to the agricultural and solar . To pull out the fire, a symbol of the sun, from the mountains and bring it down to the village serves to purify the fields and forests, as well as to purify the population and preserve it from evil spirits.

Taüll, Charming Village.

Taüll, was awarded as a Charming Village by the Catalan Tourism Agency for its attractiveness and special beauty



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