A real paradise for hikers!

If you think the best way to get in touch with a region is to walk and live intensely everything that transmits its own nature, in Vall de Boí you will find a valley ready to be discovered on foot. From the natural wealth of Aigüestortes National Park to the spirituality transmitted by the Romanesque paths that go from village to village.


The traditional valley trails

These traditional trails are the paths along wich people and animals have moved since time immemorial to get from one village to another. Recovering these walks is, above all, about making use of them, not only to enjoy the scenery and the flora and fauna along the way, but also to admirate the dry-stone walls, kerbs and cobblestones wich were crafted with so much patiente and now, centuries later, allow us to follow in the steps of our ancestors.


Routes in the National Park of Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici and high mountain routes

With the routes in the national park we will invlove into the landscapes of the Pyrenees. Its two main entrances, one in Aigüestortes with a quieter area without difficulties and the other in Cavallers, a more rocky area with a really fascinating landscape.

On the high mountain routes we will move to height and difficulty. With more demanding gradients and durations, for those who are more accustomed to doing this type of route.



What are you interested in?

         Vall de Boí Trek Festival 

   Festival de senderisme dels Pirineus

Des del 2016 la Vall de Boí celebra el Vall de Boí Trek Festival. Un de cap de setmana dedicat als camins i al senderisme per descobrir els fascinants paisatges, la cultura i tradicions acompanyats dels guies interpretadors locals.

Octubre 2023 - 8a edició

Festivals de Senderisme dels Pirineus

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