Catalan Romanesque at its best

World Heritage by UNESCO

The Romanesque heritage of Vall de Boí is exceptional due to the existence of a large number of churches of the same architectural style concentrated in such a small area. Until well into the last century the valley remained quite isolated.

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Patrimoni Mundial

Romanesque Centre

The Romanesque Center of Vall de Boí is currently in charge of managing the whole of the Romanesque heritage of the valley, which was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in the year 2000.The entity is not only in charge of the administration of the ensemble, but also of making it known to the public by means of the permanent exhibition at the Centre’s headquarters, as well as the guided tours, the daily opening of the buildings and the edition of information materials.

Romanesque Centre
c. del Batlló, 5- 25528 Erill la Vall
Tel. 973 69 67 15
Fax. 973 69 67 14


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Romanesque churches

Vall de Boí’s Romanesque ensemble is made up of the churches of Sant Climent and Santa Maria in Taüll, Sant Joan in Boí, Santa Eulàlia in Erill la Vall, Sant Feliu in Barruera, La Nativitat in Durro, Santa Maria in Cardet, L’Assumpció in Cóll, and Sant Quirc Hermitage also in Durro. 

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The paintings of the Romanesque Church of Sant Climent.

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Sant Climent de Taüll

Ticket Sant Climent de Taüll Church. Vídeo mapping projection.

You can buy tickets at the reception to Sant Climent de Taüll. If you prefer, you have the option of booking online.

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Charming villages

There are eight small towns in Vall de Boí that preserve their traditional architecture and houses made of wood, stone and slate. Stroll through its narrow streets, enjoy its most hidden corners, visit its Romanesque churches, surrounded by great nature at any time of year

Charming Villages

Pueblos más bonitos de España

Durro has been chosen to be part of the list of the 111 most beautiful villages in Spain. In this way, more visibility and dissemination will be given to the charm of its cobbled streets, its typical mountain architecture and the cultural and World heritage found there.

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